After 10 years spent on the road with Nico, other half of the duet ragamuffin “Double Embrouille”, and 7 years after the last concert of the band, Manuel Da Zira is finally back with his guitar for his first solo album “Portugues suave” produced and directed by Bip-bip Production.

After being a radio host, a journalist, a musician (Bongo Fire and the Radical Roots), a songwriter and a Dj, Manuel Da Zira is releasing his first album, result of years of various involvements in the world of Reggae.

We will appreciate in « Portugues suave » the Mediterranean and Lusitanian pride, but also a wink at the city of Bordeaux (« Des travaux »), few strong social and professional observations (« Tout le Monde se plaint », « L’afficheur »), the traditional odes to Occitania (« Occitanie is a must », « Raggamuffin local ») , or more, the song « Os Veilotinhos » written in this typical dialect from the North of Portugal, as a tribute to the elders of his village gone to the other world.

Few friends helped to the production of this album, like Omar Khemri (Bongo Fire, Billy ze Kick, Cresus) playing some lines on the bass. The expert will notice Yannique YAYA Emonide (Some Style Band) and Patrick Tomo-Mothes, who came to join the backings vocals , while the production of the album was given to the very inspired Bouyax (Niominka-bi, Double Embrouille, Seyni).

We are getting here a tasty, humble and sincere album, far from the current ragga tendency. There is no “Bling bling”, no ladies’ bottoms slouched on shiny jeeps, no ambiguous party on nice sandy beaches… no, here, we are talking about local, simple, and home-made reggae. We could as well summarize this humble reggae, 100% made of everyday life, with the saying from the late “Double Embrouille”: “Reggae of everyday, for everyday’s people, from everyday’s people”!